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Gutter Covers of Indiana began in 1976, when the original owner, Dan Feldhaus, invested in one of the first seamless gutter machines in Indiana. The seamless gutter machine set our company apart from because we were able to offer virtually leak proof gutter systems. With the new technology and a crew of skilled employees, the company grew quickly.

Within a few years, customers began requesting gutter covers to help keep the leaves and debris out of their gutters. We did research and listened to our customers. We installed and tested many different gutter cover designs. We finally located one of the best gutter covers and became the exclusive dealer in all of Indiana for Gutter Cap. Located in Naperville, Illinois, Gutter Cap manufactures their covers in the U.S. and offers the best “solid” gutter cover in the industry.

However, we did not settle for just one great gutter cover. We realized that as good as Gutter Cap design was, there were still applications where a solid gutter cover might not be the best solution for every homeowner. We experimented with other concepts and created some of our own designs. In 1999, we changed our business model to focus on gutter cover solutions.

In the early 2000s, the company changed its name to Gutter Covers of Indiana and expanded to include a marketing position. Gerry Murray joined the team. Gerry is a Purdue graduate and offers years of experience in marketing and graphic design. One of his first assignments was to create a web pageand set up email for the company. He also was responsible for all of the printed information necessary to help promote and explain our products and company. Gerry became involved in meeting with customers, providing proposals, creating work orders, and working with installation crews. After ten years of mentoring under Dan Feldhaus and learning the business, Gerry was given the opportunity to purchase Gutter Covers of Indiana from Dan.

Gerry is very grateful for the chance to be the new owner and is committed to adding new gutter cover designs to the product line. He will continue to provide ways to help homeowners keep their gutters clean and keep them from having to climb ladders or risk falling or injury.

Gerry will continue to offer Several Different Products to be your ONE Solution!

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