Another satisfied customer

“In the summer of 2015 my wife and I have lived in this same house for 45 years. Over the years it had been an ongoing chore to clean out the gutters. Our neighborhood is filled with soft maple trees and in the late spring the air would be thick with the myriad of helicopter seeds. Of course their prime target was our gutters. If they were allowed to remain there for even a short length of time they would sprout a small maple trees would start to grow in the gutter. Of course this added additional effort to dislodge and remove the burgeoning forest from our gutters.

It was this summer we had decided that we had had it with the tool and the mess associated with seeds.

We called Gutter Covers of Indiana and they promptly made an appointment and an evaluation of our roof. After consideration we accepted their contract.

Within a couple of weeks the work of tearing off the old gutters and replacing the old fascia was completed in a day. The next day the seamless gutters and guards were installed and all we needed was rain. The rain came and proved everything the sale rep, Adam Cochran, had said was true. It’s been 6 months since the new gutters were installed and they have performed exactly as advertised. Also the removal and reinstallation was neat, clean and prompt.

I would clearly recommend Gutters Covers of Indiana for any such project in the future.”

George & Mary Carpenter
Edinburgh, Indiana