Gutter Covers of Indiana is Custom Built

custom manufacturing Did you know that Gutter Covers of Indiana provides custom installation AND product assembly? Our installation team are trained professionals which strive to provide your home with the very best in product fabrication and installation. This is why our products do come come in sections of varying lengths which sized to fit your home. This not only makes it easier for us to install -thus reducing the mishaps, but it also saves you money in the long run.

Our competitors’ claims

long-seamless-gutterWe differ from our competitors in many ways. Most notably, we offer nearly 10 gutter cover products while our competitors offer only a single product. However, another lesser known distinguishable difference is in our product fabrication. Our competitors manufacture an ‘all in one’ gutter system which amounts to a gutter and cover assembled together -whether your home needs new gutters or not. They claim that this design eliminates seams where the metal is joined. Consider for a moment, the space between two pieces of aluminum… It’s pretty small, right? And, kind of a non-issue when considering leaves, acorns, walnuts and all other large/small tree debris. These ‘all in one piece’ gutter systems are manufactured and cut the length of the house’s’ roof line and are hung by plastic hangers that are screwed into place at two-foot intervals. Which means that if even one tiny piece breaks or is disrupted by a storm or other natural occurrence, you are stuck with the cost for replacing and installing the entire system again! As homeowners, we have no idea of the unforeseen variables, whether small or large, that can befall our homes. But when it does happen, it would be ideal to keep the cost to a minimum. Life has enough ups and downs without putting a strain on your finances.


So how are our covers built?images-1

Many of our customers ask how we’re built in in contrast to our competitors. Well, the answer to that question is both long and short -like our covers! In fact, our covers are manufactured in varying lengths, with the majority fabricated in 5 ft. and 4 ft. sections. We have our customers in mind in the design process -and not only in the variety of solutions we offer -but in fabrication too. We also understand that not all of our customers want or need to incur the cost of new gutters for their home so our covers are sold independently from the gutters -yes, we sell gutters too! In fact, many of our gutter covers are sized to be installed directly into the existing gutter. The smaller sections allow for more flexibility for us and for you, the homeowner. It also allows our installers to be more efficient in the amount of time spent at your home and are therefore less disruptive to your daily lives.


Don’t waste your money  

While we can’t prevent nature from taking its course, in the event that something does break -like a fallen tree limb, we want you to have the best option available. Because our gutter covers are manufactured in varying increments, it becomes easier and cheaper to replace the broken pieces if necessary. We are also conscious of budgets -which is another reason why we manufacture in shorter lengths. If there is less waste during the installation, there is less cost to you for overpaying for unused materials. It’s a win win scenario for all.