Have you had a new roof installed?

rooferproblemsIf you have had new gutter covers, or are considering new gutter covers, but also are in need of or plan to have a new roof in the near future, we have some advice for you.  Roofers are well-intended, but often not well instructed on the many different kinds gutter caps and their various installations. Frequently, unless you specifically tell them that the gutter covers need to be taken care of in a certain way, they will usually be a little rough on the gutter covers during roof installation, resulting in damage to the gutter covers that may impede their ability to work properly.

During our initial appointment with a new customer, we are sure to recommend that if you have a new roof installed at some point, we urge you to have us come out before the roof is installed and remove the gutter covers, store them safely during the roofing process, and then reinstall them after the roof is installed.

Of course, this does come with additional fees, but the peace of mind you receive from know you have protected your investment will save you many worries later.

One problem that has happened when a roofer installs a new roof on a home with gutter covers, he will often nail the gutter covers in when they are nailing in the shingles, as opposed to using the screws that we would normally use. The problem with this is that the cover can’t be moved anymore, as it has become part of the roof and is no longer adjustable or removable without affecting the roof and shingles.

Down the road, if you need adjustments or maintenance, it comes a bigger hassle and bigger problem.

For example, on a gutter cap installation, we go over the first row of shingles and under the second row of shingles where it’s screwed down. A roofer may not know how this installation was done, or remember how it was done, and they will slide it under the first row and nail it down. That can cause problems with the way the product functions.

If you have questions or concerns about your existing gutter covers and an impending new roof, or about getting a new roof and gutter covers, please contact us today for more information. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process and help you protect your investment.