A Three Product Solution to one Gutter Problem

One of our goals at Gutter Covers of Indiana is to find the right solution for each customer. That is why we offer a number of products instead of just one product. Not every home in every situation justifies the same solution. We work with each client to find the right option that will not only fit their needs, but also fit within their budget.

As an example, we had the pleasure of working with a client in Carmel, Indiana who has a two-story home where the back of the home is heavily wooded on that side of the house. This client did not want to ever have to climb a ladder to that second story and have to do any kind of maintenance. He wanted a solution that would be long lasting and provide him with piece of mind that those gutters were not going to clog. For this section of his home, we installed the Gutter Cap gutter covers. These hard covers are one of the better performing products and there is minimal amount of maintenance or cleaning needs of any product we offer.

On the front of his home, which is not as heavily wooded, we installed Black Diamond gutter covers. These are a second tier product, a little more budget friendly than the gutter caps, but provide a solid level of protection from debris.

Then finally, on some lower levels and the garage, in an area where the client felt he could comfortably reach to clean if it became necessary, we installed the Tiny Hole gutter covers. This is the less expensive of these three products, offers a nice level of protection, but also allow the home owner the ability to maintain if the needed arises.

Going with three different options for one home is not unusual, but not something many home owners consider. However, if parts of your home have different needs, then combining solutions to provide the right coverage for various sections is not only ideal, but economical as well.

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