To our Customers and Friends of Gutter Covers of Indiana

The last several weeks have brought unprecedented challenges to our lives and businesses and Gutter Covers of Indiana has not been unaffected.  As we work through this dynamic and concerning environment, we are continuing to place the health and safety of our customers, employees, and the community at large as a priority in everything we do.

For Customers with Pending Projects:

We remain open to serve you!  We recognize many of our customers have projects underway, and require our services for the safety and comfort of their homes.  Please be assured that even under the latest state orders regarding the closure of businesses, our construction business is deemed essential, and is therefore able to operate to complete your project services.

For those interested in getting information on a new project:

We remain open to help you!  While we recognize your home improvement project may not be at the forefront of your mind today, we are still open and available to discuss your needs. In the interest of the safety of our teams and the public, we are adjusting our standard in-home consultation process to be a virtual experience; if you have a computer or tablet and a few minutes of time to look at our web page and answer a few questions, we are still able to provide you with a firm price and to guarantee that price for 12 full months.

And, because it is our hope to keep as many of our staff as possible working, we are offering some of our very best promotions.  If you are at home and finding yourself with some time to think about your gutter system and notice that when it rains there are areas that overflow and you do not want to deal with dragging out a ladder and climbing up on a 2 story ladder, please send a email, call or text and we can would be happy to help.

We appreciate your continued interest, and trust in us as we navigate these times.  We look forward to providing you the ‘Ultimate Gutter or Gutter Cover Experience’, even under these circumstances.

Best Regards,

Gerry Murray
Owner of Gutter Covers of Indiana