Gutter Cap


Gutter Cap has a no clog throat design so all debris will fall off or wash down the guttering. It is the only hardcover product where BOTH the manufacturer and Gutter Covers of Indiana take responsibility for cleaning the product and gutter if either would clog for the life of the product. Gutter Cap can be installed on most roofs with a pitch range of 2/12 to 12/12, including mansard roofs. Maintenance-free Gutter Cap does not fasten with clips or brackets and can be installed over existing gutters. Gutter Cap can even be re-installed if you need a new roof. The low profile of the mount and available colors preserve the curb appeal of your home.Gutter Cap includes X–10 Metal Alloy to ensure strength, durability and peace of mind – X 10 includes these metals: Aluminum, Silicon, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Iron, Zinc, Titanium the extra hardness of the titanium material makes Gutter Cap very resistant to dents. The finish will stand up to harsh weather and is slow to fade.


  • .025 Thick Aluminum Frame with X-10 Alloy including Titanium for hardness and strength
  • Finish:  Fading
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Materials, Labor and Performance on both cover and gutter


Gutter Cap is not only the best design on the market: but also provides you best warranty. It performs very well and keeps your gutters clean and flowing correctly. No ladder climbing, or taking a chance of falling ever again.


We offer a lifetime warranty on materials, labor and performance on Gutter Cap… How do we define performance? If the gutter system does not perform as we describe – that is, if it becomes clogged and overflows – we will clean for FREE unlimited number of times for the life of the product. The warranty is transferable to the next homeowner.

Gutter Cap
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Gutter Cap
Gutter Cap

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