Gutter Heaters Provide Valuable Ice Dam Prevention for Homes in North Central Indiana & the Indianapolis Metro Area

A closeup image of an ice dam that has formed in a residential gutter system.

Winters can be harsh in the North Central Indiana and Indianapolis metro areas. With heavy snow and frequent freeze and thaw cycles throughout the season, it’s not uncommon for ice to build up on different areas of the home. One place where this can be especially problematic is the gutters. Icicles and ice dams can be damaging to your roof and gutter system and be dangerous to clear on your own. Fortunately, with gutter heaters from Gutter Covers of Indiana, ice dams will be a thing of the past.

Why Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams occur due to uneven temperatures on the roof. Heat loss from your attic can raise the temperature enough for snow on your roof to melt and trickle down, where it refreezes on your eaves and in your gutters. Eventually, this can cause large and potentially damaging blockages.

Why Are Ice Dams Problematic?

Left unaddressed, ice dams can cause significant damage to your home. For example, when water refreezes on your eaves, it can cause damage to your roofline. It’s also common for heavy ice buildup to cause gutters to sag or even break. Both of these problems leave your home vulnerable to water damage.

How Do Gutter Heaters Prevent Ice Dams?

Gutter Covers of Indiana is proud to install Heater Cap® gutter heaters, which provide the most effective ice dam prevention available. This innovative system is a safe, self-regulating heating cable that stops water from freezing near your gutters as it trickles down the roof. Instead, snow and ice melt are directed into your gutter system and harmlessly diverted away from your home.

The Heater Cap ice dam prevention system provides exceptional flexibility and can be installed with any of the gutter protection products that we offer. The combination of heated gutters and gutter screens or covers provides year-round protection for your home, stopping ice dams in the winter and clogs in every other season. You can put the ladder away because we have you covered.

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