Gutter Roof


One of Gutter Cap’s latest innovations adds roof granules onto the surface of the gutter cover so that the cover blends in with the roofline. The granule surface is new, BUT the cover is still Gutter Cap’s time tested no clog throat design. Gutter Roof is manufactured by Gutter Cap with the very same high quality standards –And just like Gutter Cap it includes X–10 Metal Alloy to ensure strength, durability and peace of mind – X 10 includes these metals: Aluminum, Silicon, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Iron, Zinc, Titanium for strength and resistant to dents.


  • .025 Thick Aluminum Frame with X-10 Alloy including Titanium for hardness and strength
  • Finish: Roofing granules to match your shingle color


Gutter Roof is not only the best looking hard cover design on the market; it also performs very well and keeps your gutters clean and flowing correctly. It provides gutter protection, and it is also the first row of shingles on your home. No ladder climbing, or taking a chance of falling ever again.

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Gutter Roof Gutter Protection

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I requested 3 estimates thru Home Advisors.  Gutter Covers of Indiana were by far the Best Company for the following reasons.

  • A courteous Mr. Adam Cochran provided a solid and honest estimate within an hour of his arrival.  This included a color chart and a large selection of covers with a 20 year warranty.
  • Installation was efficient, well organized and timely.  Supervisor Charlie and crew provided high quality workmanship.

I was very pleased to have chosen “Gutter Covers of Indiana” and happy I don’t have to get up on my roof to clean out gutters anymore.  I highly recommend this company to anyone in Indiana needing to replace their gutters.