Heater Cap®


Heater Cap® fits over most existing aluminum gutter covers already installed on a home. For example, if you have LeafGuard®, Gutter Helmet®, Leafproof®, Gutter Topper®, Hallett®, etc., the Heater Cap® can be installed in just the areas of your gutters that experience ice build up. Heater Cap is maintenance-free and it does not fasten with clips or brackets and increases the value of your home while preserving its “curb appeal.”

Heater Cap has a proven track record of preventing ice build up in the gutters.

Heated gutter covers can be added to the existing gutter protection. If there isn’t a tree issue, they can be installed on the roof, gutters, and downspouts to protect against ice issues. Heater Cap has several advantages over most roof and gutter deicing systems:

  • Self regulating, heavily insulated, heat cables only get warm enough to melt the ice and snow
  • A heat dispersing panel goes over the cable to melt large swaths of snow or ice off the roof and gutters
  • The roof valley is heated as well
  • The system is hardwired into its own separate circuit in the breaker box with a 20 or 30 amp GFI breakers with EPD (equipment protection) components
  • Heater Cap can be mounted in just the gutters and downspouts, or on the roof if organic debris is not an issue
  • Heater Cap can be retrofitted on most metal panel gutter guards
  • Heater Cap has been installed by a network of dealers since 2003.  Experience has given enough time to work out the “bugs” in the system

The installation of Heater Cap involves two contractors, one to install the heating panels and self regulating cable, and a licensed electrical contractor to hard wire it into the circuit breaker box. The electrician checks to ensure that the system is working and will not pop the circuit breaker. Proper procedures ensure a working system.

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