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A close-up image of leaves cloggin a gutter system.

Did you know water is your home’s worst enemy? Without gutter guards, leaves, pine needles, seed pods, and other debris can quickly clog your gutters, resulting in overflows that erode your roofline, damage landscaping, and even eat away at your home’s foundation.

Sure, you could balance on a ladder several times per year to clean gunk from your gutters by hand. But wouldn’t you rather take this tedious and dangerous chore off your to-do list? As a trusted gutter guard company, that’s exactly what Gutter Covers of Indiana can do for you. We are a locally owned gutter guard company with locations in Lebanon and Lafayette proudly serving homeowners throughout the Indianapolis Metro and North Central Indiana regions, including:

What Can We Do for You?

Gutter Covers of Indiana offers a wide array of gutter protection systems to suit our customers’ specific needs and budgets. For example, our most recommended product—Gutter Cap—has a patented design that leverages surface tension to divert rainwater into the gutter troughs while directing leaves and other debris directly to the ground. This system comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again. And it can be equipped with Heater Cap, a safe, self-regulating heating cable to prevent destructive icicles.

In addition to Gutter Cap, we offer other premium solutions, including LeaFree™ gutter guards as well as Double Screen and Mini Hole gutter screens. As your gutter guard company, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your home and make a tailored recommendation, ensuring you receive the best value.

Learn more about what makes Gutter Covers of Indiana the locally owned gutter guard company trusted most by homeowners in the Indianapolis Metro and North Central Indiana region.


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