Full-Service Gutter Guard Installation Solutions for Plainfield, IN, Homeowners

A close-up image of leaves caught on a covered gutter system.Keeping the gutters on your home in Plainfield, Indiana, free from leaves, roof grit, and debris is a never-ending chore. Several times per year, you need to climb a ladder to clear sludge from your gutters by hand and, unpleasant as it is, you know that keeping your gutters free from clogs is critical to preventing water damage. But what if you could prevent those clogs from forming in the first place? With gutter guard installation from Gutter Covers of Indiana, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We offer a variety of gutter protection systems, including:

Gutter Cap

This is our most recommended option for gutter guard installation. Gutter Cap’s patented, solid cover design uses water adhesion to move water into the gutter troughs while causing all debris to fall harmlessly to the ground. Not only is this gutter protection system backed by a lifetime warranty, but it also can be equipped with Heat Cap, which is a safe heating cable that stops water from freezing in your gutters or on your eaves.


LeaFree is also a lifetime gutter protection solution that uses water adhesion to prevent clogs while directing rainwater away from the home. In fact, it can handle up to 14 inches of rain per hour.

Double Screen

Constructed with a powder-coated metal base and fine aluminum mesh, this premium gutter screen product can be installed without penetrating roof shingles and is highly effective at preventing gutter clogs.

Mini Hole

Mini Hole is a highly affordable yet effective gutter screen product made from heavy-duty expanded metal with a powder coating. Featuring a high concentration of small holes, it allows water to easily pass through while keeping debris out.

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When you contact Gutter Covers of Indiana for gutter guard installation, we’ll start by inspecting the water management system at your home in Plainfield, allowing our experts to determine the best solution for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started.

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