Long Gutter Installation in Carmel, Indiana


We now have a new happy customer on Brooks Landing Place in Carmel, IN. We were given the chance to help this customer improve their gutter system by replacing several sections of gutter that had been damaged recently when they had their roof replaced and by tree limbs that fell on their home over time.

One of the sections was exceptionally long – 74 feet to be exact. Fortunately it was on the first story of their home.

This photograph was taken from my vantage point on one end as I held it in place and my skilled installers carefully positioned and checked before beginning to fasten the screws into the hangers from center out toward each end…. Checking the slope with a level along the way.

We also replaced the old galvanized wire gutter covers they had installed. Those covers had been pushed down inside the gutters in many places and allowed a lot leaves and small limbs into their gutter system and a lot of rain water was running over.

They selected our Black Diamond gutter covers to be installed on their entire gutter system to ensure their gutter will stay clean and free of debris for years and years to come.